According to research in journal therapy, any kind of format that is followed for journaling is extremely therapeutic. Getting into a habit of daily or weekly journaling really works like a catalyst in your healing journey. Whether you are seeking professional therapy for social, emotional, mental or financial challenges or just using self-help treatment, journaling plays a very vital role in catharsis (release of toxicity in form of thoughts, emotions & feelings), providing insights, gaining an overview of where you are heading your life towards. As a sole authority of our lives we unconsciously sanction so many undesirable experiences, events & realities. This leads to unconscious manifestation because we weren’t aware of the underlying processes running beneath our consciousness. One of the most efficient & self- empowering method to become aware of these processes is to use “INTENSIVE JOURNAL METHOD”, a methodology develop by Dr. Ira Progoff’s. Regular journaling where one generally records the events, experiences from a narrative point of view is therapeutic as well, but is it quite different from journal therapy. One of the key aspect of journal therapy is that it involves a schedule that is suggested by the therapist which has to be followed for a particular period of time (eg. 3 to 6 months). Each week there is a different format that has to be followed by the client. For instance, in a particular week the client is asked to use old photographs with friends & family. They are supposed to analyze those memories & feelings that may be hidden or suppressed. When we simply pick up the pen/pencil & paper, writing naturally flows from the subconscious + unconscious mind. For some people it may require some training as in our busy lifestyle we often lose touch with out inherent abilities.

As you begin exploring those memories, your mind may showcase your real feelings towards your closed ones which were yet to be processed. As you work on any contradictory feelings, you begin to experience a sense of lightness & freedom within. This is an indication of the catharsis taking place deep within.

The process of journal therapy involves following a particular theme at least for a week or so. During this particular time period you shall solely focus on it. An example of another theme could be Dream Journaling. The therapist uses hypnosis or various other tools to ensure that the client either wakes up as soon as a dream ends to jot it down or remembers them as soon as they wake up each morning.

When the content of the sub/unconscious mind is analyzed it provides us the opportunity to come up with an action plan to minimize or eliminate any issues or concerns. This weekend you may like to use one of the below mentioned theme of Journal Therapy. If you do, make sure you follow it at least for a week. Assign 15 minutes before sleep to this activity & then record your observations in your journal.

Format for the week

  • What went well today? Can you think of five things that made it go well?
  • What was challenging for you today and what did you learn about yourself from that experience?
  • What did you enjoy about today? Can you think of particular experience or examples that made you happy during the day?
  • What are you grateful for? Can you think of 10 people or things that you have gratitude for today?
  • What do you want to feel tomorrow? What do you desire for yourself tomorrow?

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