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For Better Welness & Hope
Holistic Abode is a professional counseling and therapy
service provider for a variety of health and emotional
challenges affecting individual and families.

I understand that every person is unique and therefore I focus on your specific requirements whether you are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear or any other concern. Apart from psychological issues, I also provide consulting and therapy for physical, financial, relationship or spiritual issues. Of course the idea is not to replace medical consultation rather providing a holistic healing from all aspects. For example, in case of diabetes or arthritis, apart from taking medicine it is also important to address the root cause i.e. the thought process behind any illness. We would be working collaboratively to aid you to deal with behavioral, psychological and physical issues using evidence based treatments. Holistic abode offers individual, group, family and marriage counseling using holistic therapies which ultimately focus on training the clients to use these empowering tools on their own in the long run.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

It is an ancient science utilizing the power of the sub-conscious mind in order to bring healing at physical, emotional, mental and financial level. All issues that arise in our life begin at the thought level and first begin in the mind and it is based on the principle that everything that the mind can create, it can also uncreate. Clinical Hypnotherapy utilizes the same principle and locates the root cause of every problem and once the person understands the unconscious mechanism working in the background, they are able to release the negative emotions stored along. Since emotions are the energy in motion and whenever they are not expressed they get repressed in the body cells. The process of catharsis facilitates the release of repressed emotions thereby restoring the natural rhythm and health of the body. The insight that the person receives brings wisdom and understanding of the hidden learning thus completing the process of healing.

Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is a technique where we heal past wounds and hurts by regressing back in time. It basically involves a lot of inner child work. Inner Child Work is a concept that states that whenever we go through any bitter, difficult or challenging experience that we are not able to fully deal with it causes a part of our consciousness to break apart and separate from us. As such experiences keep collecting we have a major portion of our consciousness unhealed and disintegrated. Using inner child work we release the repressed emotion and bring wisdom to the misunderstood part of the story. This empowers our consciousness to heal itself thus integrating back with our current adult state. As more and more consciousness is brought back to the adult, personality becomes whole and complete and is able to take complete charge of its life releasing the burden of the past and just taking along the acquired learning.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing is an energy healing modality where using a road map one connects to the Creative Energy of the universe, which is also called the Creator of All That Is.It is based on the principle that everything in the universe is made of the same creative energy and once we connect to the Creator we can bring an instant healing for all kinds of issues. It is believed that there are various planes of existence and the Creator resides on the seventh plane of existence. Using the roadmap we connect to the seventh plane and thus the Creator which aligns our brain to theta brain waves. Theta brain waves are scientifically known to be conducive for healing to be possible. As per scientific research, when our brain enters theta waves, an individual becomes fully receptive for healing to be possible. The practitioner does a reading of the client to identify the unhelpful beliefs, downloads appropriate feelings such as what it feels like to be completely loved. We replace the unhelpful beliefs with empowered ones and teach the body cells about the complete definition of new healed feelings. Once the old programming changes, the new programming sets in place the desired transformation.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a blend of modern psychology and Chinese medicine or acupuncture. As per science, in our bodies run along around 72,000 meridians or energy pathways which allow the appropriate distribution of “prana” all over the body. Whenever we are unable to deal with any emotional aspect of an experience, that feeling gets repressed and causes these energy pathways to block. The blockage leads to dysfunction as they create obstruction in the energy flow. Disrupted energy flow causes dis-eases or illness in the mind and body. In EFT, we use tapping along with describing specifically about our feelings and experiences. We tap the scientifically chosen power points which are the intersections of various energy channels. The complete acknowledgement of the present feelings along with tapping leads to unblocking of the energy pipeline. The experience once is fully processed; we use the principles of positive psychology and amalgamate a new, fresh perspective. This fresh perspective once set fully in place trains the mind to see through an empowered view point and the person instantly founds relief and freedom from the old, negative feelings and beliefs.

Yoga Psychotherapy

Yoga Psychotherapy is a combination of simple yoga asanas along with specifically designed affirmations. These affirmations are customized according to the issues of the client and the use of breath work aligns to brain to release unhealed patterns.

Parenting Workshops

The parenting workshop consists of a six week plan which facilitates the learning of significant skills of parenting which are learned and practiced within the class and during the entire week are implemented on one’s own children. The techniques learnt in these workshops can be used with children from ages 6 to 17 applied with your common sense and logic to fit the age and developmental level of your children. Each week we shall focus on developing parenting abilities, as many situations leave parents in a dilemma about how to handle the kids. They may respond instinctively and afterwards wonder if they did the right thing. All parents occasionally need some help and advice when they are having a tough time with their kids. All parents occasionally doubt their effectiveness. This common sense parenting plan by Love International Academy has been applied on more than 50,000 families across the world and has given consistent results which has bought vast positive difference in their lives.

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