One question that I wondered about since childhood was that, “Why people suffer because of poverty, violence, injustice, disease etc.?” It basically revolved around, “why God had to create the concept of pain, be it in any form, whether physical, mental or emotional?” I believe that we all at some time, have asked similar questions about life and if we don’t find a convincing answer, we all passively continue to seek the accurate answers. However, we don’t find a so called ‘correct answer’, as every person according to their perspective gives their own opinion. Eventually as we grow up we begin to understand that all our philosophical questions do not have one accurate and correct answer. There might be as many responses as there are people with no answer being completely right or completely wrong. The supreme power that created us and everything in this universe has infinite intelligence and wisdom and that is so evident in simplest of creatures. Trees and plants supply us with a rich source of oxygen which is crucial to our survival and not only that, they also create their own food and supply us with innumerable resources like herbs, food, medicines, perfumes etc. Isn’t that so fascinating? The sheer brilliance with which the entire universe works is so sublime that with our limited human intelligence we can’t even perceive its true enticing beauty. So why would this divine supreme power plan to give pain to its own creation? Even human parents want the best for their child, so how would our divine parent want anything different other than our best? As a human race we all created this concept of pain and learnt to evolve through painful experiences. We simply forgot that we agreed to manifest our own experiences while enjoying this journey of life and also evolving to our full potential at the same time. We got conditioned by our loved ones to believe only what we experience, however life always deliver what we truly believe in. So, for example, if we believe that,“life is simple and easy”, we will attract experiences that reflect the same belief.  This works for all kinds of beliefs. Many a times we are unaware about our beliefs regarding ourselves, others, and world in general, since they are stored in our unconscious/subconscious mind. Our varying beliefs create different realities for all of us and that is the reason behind all our pain. We are programmed to believe that in order to learn we have to go through pain. However, it is completely possible to evolve joyfully and without creating painful experiences. Most of the times, we as humans, introspect and reflect only during difficult situations but if we stay connected to our inner world irrespective of the situations outside we can always minimize the effect external situations have upon us. We become more immune to challenges and so we easily sail through them without them causing a lasting impression upon us.

Today, we are bombarded with huge amount of information on various topics, and entire helping industry shifting online as well has provided us with immense knowledge and tools. There are so many mediums that talk about life being easy and simple only if we participate in it being a good player, it will shower us with exactly the same outcomes as we had asked. Since, this is an eternal law of the universe, it holds absolutely true without exceptions. In spite of that we create unpleasant situations because often we fail to understand the cues that life is giving us, and mislead ourselves on a path which is meant to give us an unwanted reality. Another reason could be that, the planet in which we all exist includes the concept of duality as one of its core principles. So, all creation on the planet exists in two polarities. If there is joy, there is sorrow, if there is love there is fear, if there is cooperation, there is competition. However, the more we awaken to the truth of our inner world, the more we are able to deliberately create our experiences. During challenging times, when life is making us learn to overcome obstacles, staying strong is important even during the midst of crises. We all  have been looking for that transformation which will miraculously change our life and many of us have received it multiple times as there is no one time fix up for life. Beyond everything, we can just learn to make the best move and show the right response to every possible trouble that we meet in our journey.

That is all life wants from us i.e. an appropriate response. And by the word “right”, I just mean the call of this moment. As there is no sure shot formula that makes life great, its demands and scenes keep changing. And we can just find some stability in this ever changing meaning of life.

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