Whatever activities we do on a day to day basis whether it is related to career, relationships, personal well-being etc., we are seeking happiness out of it. The root intention behind everything is everlasting joy. However, we all have observed that whenever we achieve something like purchasing a new car that we wanted to or getting our first job, or even a new relationship, etc. all give us happiness only for a certain period of time. After a while, we all are looking for something more which creates a perpetual quest towards the outside world. We all have indulged in some kind of internal practice as well like meditation, any therapy involving sound, music, words or rhythm etc., or yoga, tai chi where even if for a short duration we have experienced inner bliss which is beyond all material pleasures. When we regularly cultivate such kind of relationship with ourselves we are attuning ourselves to operate through our center. There is a special place inside of us which is a source of overflowing love and joy. We can call this our spiritual heart which is somewhere near our physical heart. Any modality which collaborates with this source of divine energy and potential is basically using the same resource to bring healing at mental, psychological, emotional or physical level.  For instance, Gita describes about the constant presence within all of us which is a kind of ‘Witness Consciousness’. When we are constantly looking outside at the physical world we often lose touch with this unseen divine presence and start identifying ourselves with our bodies or mind. Even our emotions which are transient are a creation of our mind and especially when we feel low or sad we begin to fully associate ourselves through this filter of our feelings. We start assuming that we are one with the mind, however the truth being that mind is like a sponge absorbing all impressions from the outside world and giving us a false sense of identity. Pondering over the stream of different emotions that it often becomes a victim of its own creation and along with that it diffuses its perception over our inner mirror.  This inner mirror which is constantly reflecting its divine light begins to get blur due to our attachment with our mind. The truth is that we are neither the mind nor the body; we are the awareness/consciousness that uses them as a tool to create a physical reality. So, the question is how we can reside in a place where this center is fully accessible as then we are open to its unshakable and unwavering faith about life. Studies reveal that there is a natural energy emitted from our heart which is a kind of hub of wisdom, love and intelligence. There is a constant communication happening between the heart and the brain which is two way. The heart responds to brain commands and the heart communicates back to the brain through nerve impulses, neurotransmitters, pressure waves and electromagnetic interactions. There are different conduits between the heart and the brain which allow communication between them. The messages delivered from the heart to the brain affects, its work performance. When we create more heart centered emotions like love, compassions, trust etc. we are better able to establish a rhythm in our nervous system. This influences the electromagnetic field around us and attracts things, people, and circumstances similar to our frequency. When we operate out of our spiritual heart we not only experience immense joy and peace but also allow many events and experiences that reinforce the same feeling of joy and love. The famous saying of law of attraction that ‘like attracts like’, is able to work for our well-being. The more we use this inner space and perform our actions through its guidance the more we are free to invite a life of abundance and love. To rekindle our connection with our center we don’t have to reject our negative emotions but acknowledge and embrace them, also regularly work on them but don’t allow them to be a hindrance to our connection to our center. We must allow space for these emotions to be processed and the more we work on them the more our inner architecture redesigns itself to recreate the outer architecture made of peace, joy, love and abundance.

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