What are Chakras?

Chakras are spinning vortices of energy residing at specific points along the vertical column called ‘sushumna’. They are like gateways between various dimensions characterizing different aspects of our lives. The word ‘chakra’ comes from a Sanskrit word which means wheel or disk and denotes a point of intersection where mind and body meet. They symbolize the path or journey of human evolution. The vertical column sushumna can be thought as a super highway over which these chakras are located and along which energy is circulated within the entire architecture of the physical body. In between each of the chakras, along the sushumna, two other major currents of energy (nadis), cross back and forth. The ida curves to the right side of the body and the pingla curves to the left side of the body. Apart from Ida and Pingla there are 72,000 meridians supported by the central meridian line (sushumna) lying parallel and all around the backbone. The energy of the earth that is rising up from the root chakra is called ‘shakti’ and the energy of cosmic consciousness that comes down through the crown is called ‘shiva. Both these forms of energy unite and meet at the center called the heart chakra. There are 7 major chakras and several minor chakras in the human body. Out of the 7 major chakras the base or root chakra and the crown chakra are unidirectional facing towards the ground and sky respectively. The remaining 5 chakras are bidirectional and face towards the front and back. They receive energy from the front circulate in the body utilizing for its functioning and sending the excess energy through the back. All the seven major chakras correspond to the seven major endocrine glands and directly affect their functioning. Since the major function of the endocrine glands is to produce hormones they receive energy from the chakras which fuel these glands to manufacture hormones. We create thousands of thoughts in a day which eventually lead to specific feelings. Our feelings and emotions belong to one of the two categories, either they are positive or negative depending on what kind of effect they have on the body. So, positive feelings and emotions provide fuel to these chakras to spin or rotate and they nourish these chakras by providing the just right amount of energy so that they rotate in the healthy momentum. The negative feelings or emotions also provide fuel to the chakras as when we break the word e-motion is means energy in motions. However, these negative emotions either cause the chakras to move very fast or very slow. The chakra is either deprived of energy or is provided with excessive energy. In either of the case the energy supplied by the chakras to the endocrine glands will be either too much or too less which will lead to either excess supply of hormones or lack of hormones. Eventually it leads to diseases like hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, diabetes or hyperglycemia etc. In hypothyroid or diabetes the body is dealing with lack of corresponding hormones and in case of hyperthyroid or hyperglycemia the body has excess of corresponding hormones. Similarly all other diseases are also caused by the same analogy. There are various ways of working with the chakras to influence the mind- body health. One of the ways of working with the chakras is through color meditation. This simple yet highly effective visualization allows the chakras to release blockages caused due to unhealed mental patterns and replace them with nourishing energy which cleanses, energizes and balances the chakras.

Meditation to nurture the chakras:

Direct white light to the base of the spine and hold it in the first chakra and visualize it turning into deep bright red color. Every exhale releases the toxins which might be accumulated. Feel the energy of the root chakra and make a mental note of the change before and after visualization.

Again, breathe the white light beam below the navel area and just above the pelvic region. This is the second chakra called the sacral chakra. Visualize the energy turning into bright orange color, while you bathe in this color allow yourself to feel vitality and vigor.

Now, take this white beam of light just above your belly button where the third chakra is located called as the solar plexus chakra. Here visualize a bright lemon color and as you bathe into it, feel yourself rooted in your personal power.

Once again, direct this white beam of light to the center of your heart and visualize sea green color refreshing this entire area and as that happens feel the abundance of life being gifted to you and through you to the world around you.

Now, direct this white light to the throat area and feel it submerging in the sky blue color light. Let your imagination be as unlimited as the sky and as you feel that sense your authentic self awakening within you and striving to bring its most creative and expressive version to the world.

Bring this white light to the third eye between the eyebrows and let this light transform into indigo/purple color and feel yourself, entering bliss which is releasing all judgments towards life or people. Be aware of the insightful insights that come from your intuition as you simply become a witness of your life.

Now take the white light to the crown of your head and draw a violet glow around it and as you fill yourself with this light experience the eternal spiritual connection with the divine. Now send these sparkles of violet light spreading out in your aura and zipping it up forming a shield against all negativity. One final time bath into this light and feel the union with the entire universe.

Spending some time in this quite state, slowly begin to feel your physical body and wiggle your fingers, toes. Now rub your palms against each other, generate heat, cupping your hands touch all parts of your body feeling as if you are blessing your whole world.

Open your eyes and experience your awareness in the Here and Now.

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